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Terms and Conditions of Use


  • The laws and legal terms throughout the USA are complex in regard to naked cleaning between states. Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" (and parent, "FOR YOU SERVICES"), accepts no responsibility in regard the complex legal terms of our cleaners cleaning in a clients home, for any state or territory. The service we offer is not sexual in any way. It is "natural and free cleaning". 
  • It is the Cleaners responsibility to be aware of all legal matters for each state, the state that they work in, and to adhere to work and act within the boundaries of the legal framework. It is the cleaners responsibility to be aware of the legalities and to work within the law. Naked Cleaners FOR YOU (FOR YOU SERVICES), accepts no responsibility.



***By paying your booking fee you agree to the below additional terms and conditions***

Naked cleaning is a fun and entertaining spin on traditional domestic cleaning services. It needs to be undertaken in a respectful and supportive environment.

Before we dispatch our Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" cleaner, your must accept the following terms and conditions:

1. You have read and understand the Rules / FAQs that we provide our services under, which is detailed for you here
2. That you will be respectful to the cleaner (you maybe cheeky / playful yet do not be dis-respectful). We recognise you may get "excited", yet please keep your distance and do not encroach on the cleaners space.
3. That you will neither harass nor subject the cleaner to any degrading verbal instructions.
4. That you will not encroach on or invade the cleaners’ personal space
5. That you understand that the cleaner will report into the central hub (or confidant) to update them of progress during their visit at defined times (start, middle, completion).
6. That if there is any violation of the above rules, that you will be blacklisted from any future bookings on the Naked Cleaners “FOR YOU" website, and we may contact the police if appropriate.
7. Payment needs to be made on ARRIVAL to the cleaner (CASH ONLY) at the cleaning location. This is important as it ensures the funds are available to them and they will be paid as agreed.

8. You can alter your booking, yet we will reschedule only once, and you must provide us with a minimum 24 hours notice to reschedule. The cleaners book a definite time for the work and we appreciate our clients adhering to the times they confirm.

9. Bookings starting at 9pm plus incur a $30 surcharge*.

10. Bookings starting at 10pm plus incur a $50 surcharge*.

*These surcharges are to cover for transport and associated costs incurred for late night bookings.

11. You understand that if your booking can not be serviced for your first ideal requested time, it will be filled at a later time when your requested cleaner is available and the schedule works in with you. Your fee paid remains valid until your clean is completed. Also that we are able to offer an alternative cleaner if your preferred cleaner is unavailable.

12. Our booking fee is a flat $30.

13. Naked Cleaners "FOR YOU" and FOR YOU Services takes no responsibility or liability for the services provided by our freelance team.

At all times the cleaner is to be respected. If you will not support this approach, we will be unable to dispatch our cleaner for this task.

This is a generic message where while we believe 99% of our customers act in a good spirit, we must still send these pointers / statements to ensure a positive and professional environment for our cleaner.

When you choose to go ahead with a booking you agree to the above. If you do not, please notify us and we will cancel your booking.

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Cleaners and Service Providers

That you will adhere to our Terms and Conditions and not exchange contact details with our clients.

That you will pay us a $30 fee, if you request to remove your profile within 2 months of profile listing.